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Our shipping season starts May 1st through May 15th depending on the weather.

All ship dates will be scheduled when the required payment is received (see PAYMENT TERMS below). A ship date quoted by telephone, E-mail, or written letter is an estimate at the time of the quote and may be subject to change. A lengthy delay before payment is sent could change the ship date by a substantial amount.

When orders are received, we schedule a ship date based on 1) date paid order is received, 2) scheduled production capacity, and 3) reasonable weather conditions. We do not guarantee a ship date as unusual weather at our apiaries, either heat, cold or rain, or other acts of nature beyond our control can affect availability of bees for shipment. As a general rule, we do not ship when the temperature at our apiaries is above 95 degrees. This is a revision to more closely conform to post office standards. The post office does not accept shipments from time to time due to extreme heat between our apiaries and your home and that decision is made solely by the post office. Every reasonable effort will be made to ship orders as scheduled on time. Since we are not shipping a product that is in a warehouse or on the shelf ready to go, delays can and will occur from time to time. We regret any delays but often they cannot be avoided. When delays do occur, orders are shipped in the order that they are received. The best way to receive an order early is to book your requirements well in advance. The company reserves the right to refuse any order.


Package and queen orders must include shipping, insurance, and handling. All orders shipped FOB ship point. That means that the order belongs to you the moment that the order is shipped, can not be canceled, and payment can not be refunded. Due to excessive losses in the mail, we can not insure package bees by priority mail beyond zone 5. Shipment of packages and queens are at the customers risk and we will not be responsible for losses in the mail. Should queens or packages arrive dead, the post office is responsible for refunding your money. Starting in 2016, we recommend queen orders be shipped by U.S. Post Office Priority Express. The cost is slightly higher but delivery times are shorter. The revised shipping charges reflect the increased cost. Of course, you will still have the option of shipping Priority mail.

Payment for orders is due at the time of booking. We accept payment by credit card, check, money order, or cash. Please do not sent cash by mail. Pickup orders require at 50% down payment at the time bees are ordered and the balance paid at least two weeks before the pickup date. Cash is required for pickup or delivered orders unless payment in full has be submitted by check or money order at least two weeks before pickup or delivery. We must receive payment no more than two weeks after the order is booked unless other arrangements are made at the time of the order. Should the payment due not be received within the agreed time period, the new ship date will be moved to the first date available when the payment is received. The company reserves the right to cancel orders for non-payment and award the scheduled ship date to another customer. Refunds for canceled orders will be sent at the first possible date. Payment for an order signifies agreement to all terms and conditions here and those agreed to at the time of the order. Due to statutory requirements of some states, these terms and policies contained herein are legally binding agreements between you and Winters Apiaries, and you should print them for your records. Terms and conditions may be changed at any time without prior notice.

Updated: 01-MAY-2014
Revision: Terms and Conditions added

Updated: 26-DEC-2015
Revision: Priority Express shipment of queen orders

Updated: 07-JAN-2016
Revision: Clarification of amount due at time of order for pickup orders.
Updated 10-SEPT- 2020
Revision: Update mail loss policy.