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Welcome To Winters Apiaries Web Site

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - We will be taking orders for spring 2022 queens starting September 1st. You can order 2022 packages now. We will be offering 2 pound (2#) packages as well as 3 pound (3#) packages. in 2022. These are not a number 2 (#2) or number 3 (#3) package which may or may not include 2 or 3 pounds of bees. We weigh each package to ensure you get what you pay for, a full 2 or 3 pounds bees. In fact, our customers tell us our 2 pound packages have more bees in them than #3 (number 3) packages from other suppliers. Our 3 pound packages have as many or more bees than number 4 (#4) packages sold elsewhere.

Starting in 2022 will will be offering Midnite Hybrid Queens. This is a revival of a bee that was popular about 20 or 30 years ago. It disappeared at the same time Caucasian bees did due to loss of the Caucasian honeybee when Bill Gafford of Boling Bee passed. It is a very gentle bee that has a combination of Caucasian and Carniolan characteristics.

You must order early to get the first ship dates. Email us at with your complete name address, phone number, what you need, and we will email you back the total cost or you can order from our Queen and Package Order Checkout page.

Be sure to check out our Frank Benton International Beekeeping Association page. It has very important information about the Caucasian honey bee and the origons of the Caucasian honey bee in the Republic of Georgia.

Until we completely transition over completely to the Georgian stock, there could be mis-mating to other races of bees located in our area. This problem has been reduced greatly in 2021 but work still needs to be done.

Starting in 2015, we began producing the Cobey stock for shipment to beekeepers in the U.S. We will be maintaining at least two different bloodlines of the Georgian stock to create genetic diversity within this race of bees. These will be open mated queens mated to drones from drone producing colonies. These colonies will have frames of drone comb to produce large populations of drones to mate to the virgin queens. To make it possible to distribute this stock to as many beekeepers as possible, we will be shipping a very limited number of packages with more emphasis on producing queens. Due to the quality of the Georgian stock, we began exclusively breeding that stock starting in 2016.

Our shipping season will continue from the second week of May until mid-September, depending on the weather. Have a honey of a bee year!