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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to problems getting paid for credit card orders by our merchant account, we are sustaining accepting credit card payment. Our merchant credit card account is charging credit cards but the payment is not being sent to our bank account. Until we get this issue resolved, we will accept checks or money orders for payment. Your patience in this matter is appreciated.

We are sold out of packages for this season. We survived another year dealing with the post office. We are seriously thinking about not shipping any packages next year. When planning for packages next year, you should join a local bee club, consolidate your orders, and pick them up at our apiary. It will be better for the bees and guarantee the bees will arrive at your hives in excellent shape. We wish thank everyone for their patience this difficult year. It so far has been one of the wettest years that I can remember. We will have queens this summer until fall depending on the weather.

Our Caucasian stock is from the Georgian stock imported by Sue Coby. We are mating our Caucasian stock to Caucasian drones from a second bloodline of pure Caucasian drones. But due to Italian colonies in our area, the color of the bees from these queens will not be completely black. Most people are expecting all black bees and no yellow ones which is almost impossible to obtain in the real world.

Be sure to check out our Frank Benton International Beekeeping Association page. It has very important information about the Caucasian honey bee and the origins of the Caucasian honey bee in the Republic of Georgia.

Starting in 2015, we began producing the Cobey stock for shipment to beekeepers in the U.S. We will be maintaining at least two different bloodlines of the Georgian stock to create genetic diversity within this race of bees. These will be open mated queens mated to drones from drone producing colonies. These colonies will have frames of drone comb to produce large populations of drones to mate to the virgin queens. To make it possible to distribute this stock to as many beekeepers as possible, we will be shipping a very limited number of packages with more emphasis on producing queens. Due to the quality of the Georgian stock, we began exclusively breeding that stock starting in 2016.

Our shipping season will continue from the second week of May until mid-September, depending on the weather. Have a honey of a bee year!